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Making waste fit for disposal!
Al Murjan is a single-stop for comprehensive environmental solutions that fits the
needs of commercial and industrial clients. From waste treatment to recycling and
from consultancy to environmental training, we have the tools and expertise to
take you forward in your business while remaining environmental friendly.



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The Foundation of Al-Murjan Environmental Management and Technology Company Ltd. (Emat) was laid in 1994 to offer wholesome environmental services for industrial waste treatment and disposal in an environmental friendly manner. Al-Murjan is a Saudi waste management facility that was taken up by Saudi Environmental Services group in 1999.
Different refineries, factories and paint manufacturers release hazardous toxic waste into the environment. The hazardous industrial waste has varying levels of toxicity. Al-Murjan treatment facility separates the waste streams according to their hazardous nature and judging on that, the waste is sent for further treatment. Our team is responsible for:

  • Collection, transport, storage of all types of industrial waste
  • Special focus to collection of hazardous or toxic waste
  • Maintenance, regulation, cleaning and renovation of liquid waste transporting vehicles

Waste management and recovery services

Emat takes charge of your hazardous and non-hazardous industrial waste and offers waste treatment and recovery solutions along with a diverse array of related industrial services to almost all companies in the region irrespective of their size or sector.
Disposal of industrial waste in an eco-friendly manner is crucial to your business. We can provide assessment. Our team simplifies the task by:

  • Analyzing your waste streams
  • Offering resource recovery services for petroleum industries to minimize disposal cost
  • Customize an apt recycling and disposal solution for your business


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